A new adventure

It's the beginning of a new page - both literally and figuratively - for this photography business. If you have been following for a while now, I thank you for continuing on this journey with me! If you are new....well, WELCOME! Here is a little background...

I started out as 1508 Photography (pronounced fifteen o' eight) back in 2010. My husband (although at the time he was just my boyfriend) helped me decide on 1508. 15 was my jersey number in college - my identity really for four years. And 08 was his. So, we combined the two and came up with 1508 (clever I know....) I remember he downloaded a free 30 day trial of Adobe Photoshop, and spent probably a solid week crafting my very first logo. It was SO great, and I loved it...I still do! It's kind of like a first love - you move on from that first love but you never really forget or stop loving it because well it was so significant! :) 


Three years later and many clients later, I decided it was time to take this business to the next level. I invested in studio space, I enlisted a designer to update my logo, and spent many many hours building my own website. But for some reason, I never felt satisfied - something was missing. It had been suggested to me several times to re-brand and use my name for the business rather than 1508, but I shrugged the notion off every time. I was unique because I wasn't "your name photography." I was me in my own way. Really.... I think I was just attached to the business name for sentimental reasons. So, for a year, I went with the following look:

Collage 1.jpg

However, July of 2014, I went to the Jasmine Star Workshop in Dallas and suddenly a switch was flipped. You see, I idolize Jasmine. I study her work, I read every blog post and every bit of information she shares, and I  refer back to her when I need. And when I asked her about my business name, she gave it to me straight. 

Me: "Well, what do you think about 1508 Photography? It has been suggested to me to re-brand to Emilyanne but I just don't know."

J*: "Do you want my honest opinion?"

Me: "Yes...please!"

J*: "I would change it. Or I would find a way to make it more a part of YOU. Because right now, it just sounds like a personalized license plate. Cute, but not personal, not a brand....not YOU."

Well that was the turning point. Yeah, okay, I waffled still for a good 5 more months before I finally, finally pulled the trigger and contacted someone to help me re-brand. But I finally did it. And that someone was Lindsey of Six Leaf Design

I found Lindsey through another vendor as I was perusing her website. At the bottom of the page, ever so subtly, was the simple tag site designed by and so I clicked my way through to Lindsey's contact page and sent off an email. We met soon there after, and while we hit it off personally, I was not prepared. At. All. I had no real vision. I had no real style in mind. I was going through a mild form of identity crisis! WHO AM I? I had nothing to really provide her. And so rather then sending her off to shoot in the dark, I told her I would do some more soul-searching to find out what exactly it was I was looking for.

Fast forward another two months, and it all finally started flooding to me. The design, the elements, the colors, the feel - everything just started pouring in. The experience I wanted my clients, my friends, to have when they worked with me, it all just hit me. I wanted soft and romantic, but clean and simple. I wanted less words and distractions on my page and more photos. I wanted my website, my online handshake, to be something that showcased my work, rather than hidden among the clutter. Thankfully, I sketched out almost everything as it came to me - I think I was afraid I would lose it all just as fast as I found it. And from there, Lindsey was able to take the sketched out vision I had, and propel it to the next level.  I had simple ideas, and she took those ideas to new heights. 

Finally, together, we landed on the perfect logo, web design, and overall brand, and I am so proud and finally feel content with where  I am. Thank you again to Lindsey of Six Leaf Design! I am so grateful to have met you, and so thankful for your talent and friendship!