Parker 17 Mile Farmhouse Engagement Session {Ryan + Mariah}

This session is really special to me because Ryan is my brother-in-law. Let me take it back...

Ryan and I both attended high school together. We knew of each other because we both played sports, but didn't really know each other. My senior year (his junior year) we were actually in a group of 4 couples that went to prom together! Our parents met then I'm sure of it, but nothing came of it at the time. Well fast forward several years after high school and my dad and his mom meet, fall in love, and well you know how it goes! Ryan is now my brother! 

So let's go even a few more years forward and Ryan introduces the family to this sweet, shy gal Mariah. I am sure she was a bit intimidated that first family dinner, but can you blame her? We are the modern day Brady Bunch! But she handled us like a champ. Her sweet spirit and generous heart had everyone excited to have her in the family. And so when Ryan proposed to her on the annual family trip to Mexico, we all EEEEEPd with excitement!

I was so honored when they approached me about documenting their wedding day. I knew I wanted to be there for them, and what better way than to capture their love one frame at a time! 

We chose 17 Mile Farmhouse for their engagement session. It was a bit windy to start, but once the wind died down and the sun started to set, we were left with the most perfect orange and blue Colorado sky. 

Leave them a comment below, and be sure to check back in to see their perfect September wedding featured on the blog soon!