Highlands Ranch Fly'n B Park {De Achaval Family}

Happy Friday!

I have watched this little family grow right before my eyes. Maximo and I used to work together many moons ago, and at the time, he and Brittany were just dating. And after hearing a lot of {wonderful} things about her, I finally met her for the first time at a team picnic where we connected instantly. Be it our similar ages, our common interests, or that she is just flat out the sweetest, most personable person I know - we became friends.

She made an absolutely beautiful bride in 2012, and in 2014, I was ecstatic to learn they were pregnant and due with their little nugget right around the same time I was! It has been such a joy to have a friend to journey through pregnancy and into motherhood with.

Well our babies turned one this summer, and Miss Maya could not be any more cute! With her big bright blue eyes, she is the perfect combo of her parents. I mean honestly, they are such a beautiful family, and I could have shot them all day long! (Although Maya was not really having that...) Here's to another year of your greatest adventure yet!