Albuquerque Cottonwood Trail Maternity Session {Vernon + Angela}

When our dear friends told us they were expecting a little bundle of joy, we whooped and hollered and were SO excited for them! Not only because we think being parents is the best gig ever, but because now our little lady will have a lifelong friend!

We had decided to venture down to Albuquerque {where Vernon and Angela reside} for their baby shower this past year and I was stoked when Angela asked me if we could squeeze in a maternity session. The catch - we had to do a sunrise session. Thank goodness they were up for it, because not only was the Cottonwood Trail empty, but the light was AMAZING! And shooting in a new location - a new state even - was so liberating for me. 

Vernon and Angela welcomed a healthy and very happy baby BOY into this world in August. We love him to pieces already and certainly wish they lived closer for more play-dates!