Denver Colorado New Life Session {Logan Richardson}

My favorite little family is back! If you didn't catch their emotional birth story, STOP right here, and go check it out HERE before you proceed! 

When Sammy and Brandon found out their sweet baby would be born cleft affected, they asked me one question: can we split his newborn session into two smaller sessions to capture both his birth smile and his forever smile? My response: absolutely yes, no hesitation at all. 

Sammy and I were in constant communication the days following Logan's birth. We knew that his first surgery would be scheduled within 10-14 days of birth. So, before he went in for his forever smile, I journeyed over to their home for some of my favorite new life photos with his birth smile. 

Logan, still affectionately called Squishy, was so sleepy, and just the perfect little snuggle bug. 

We waited about 8 weeks following his surgery to capture his amazing forever smile. And he certainly was striking poses left and right for me that day! This little guy is pretty amazing. He has since undergone a second surgery to correct his palate, and hopefully that will be the final surgery for many, many years for this little man.