Diamonds in the Sheets at the Oxford Hotel in Denver

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and do I have a little treat for you!

For about a year now, my dear friend Kaleiegh of The Diamond Reserve and I have been hinting at doing an ultra sultry but every bit classy campaign for Valentine's Day. Diamonds in the Sheets is the project name we gave it. But, as with most ideas, they are talked about and then forgotten, talked about and forgotten again. Well, we finally made it happen, and with the help of the most A-MAZING team if I might add. 

Amber of Every Once in a Style agreed to be our model and let me just tell you - she's an Angel. Like seriously, give this girl some wings because she can WORK IT! A true gem inside and out, she was such a joy to work with and these photos are what they are because of her. 

Ahn of Wolfsbane Intimates supplied the lingerie. Ahn is a boss-woman, creating handmade lingerie pieces for women worldwide. They are exquisite, hug the body in all the right ways, and (from what Amber said) overall comfortable for being lingerie!

The Oxford Hotel was the perfect location for this vision. With it's old century charm, it lent for an ideal backdrop and really brought these images to life. 

Kelsey of Kelsey Luciano Productions KILLED it on video. Oh man, I don't know what I love more. These photos, or her video?! It's a toss up really. Both are equally amazing in their own right and I am so grateful she decided to join us on this project.

So now that you know the story, I present to you, Diamonds in the Sheets! 

Be sure to head over to Every Once In A Style HERE to see more!!