M.I.A {personal}

Hey friends! 

I have been a little M.I.A lately. There has been a lot of changes in my personal life - some great, some exciting, and some heartbreaking. 

THE HEARTBREAKING. My husband's grandfather was hospitalized a few weeks ago after an incident at his home. As the prognosis started to worsen, we spent many days and nights at the hospital, visiting with him, telling stories, laughing at his silly limericks, and ultimately soaking in the last moments of his life. Lefty C. Yost passed away surrounded by his family on Feb 22. He was 86, and the life of the party. Pictured below is his favorite photo - himself at the age of 78 doing "the pole" outside of his beloved ELKS club in Idaho Springs. If you didn't know Lefty by name, you knew him as "the guy that always walked" because every day he was out walking. He will certainly be missed as we all learn to live this new life without him present. 

THE EXCITING. As you may or may not know, I am an engineer by day. I received my degree from Colorado School of Mines in 2010 and have worked as an engineer ever since. I started my career in medial devices, switched to pharmaceuticals for a hot minute, and am happy to have just been hired by Johnson & Johnson as a manufacturing engineer for the medical device & diagnostics division. Johnson & Johnson is an amazing company, with boundless growth opportunities, and I am extremely honored to be a part of the organization. 

THE GREAT. A week ago today, I competed in my third NPC physique competition. If you are unfamiliar with what that means, it's basically bodybuilding. I probably don't look like a "typical" bodybuilder but if you break down the term "bodybuilding" that is exactly what I do - I build my body! And so the National Physique Committee hosts shows all year long for people to showcase their best physique and subject themselves to be compared to each other to see who is the best. It's a purely subjective sport, but it's one that is truly a competition that I enjoy. The challenges associated with training for these shows are great. Training has never been the hard part for me - I have lifted weights and done high intense interval training nearly all my life! It's the nutrition that is usually the hard part. However this time, I was so determined, and had such motivation to lose that stubborn pregnancy weight I gained almost 2 years ago, that I actually embraced my nutrition this time around and didn't mind the routine and monotony of it. I didn't place as high in this show as I have in past shows - however this time, I didn't even care. I was PROUD of myself, for overcoming the excuses and the obstacles that tried to creep in during this prep. I was HAPPY with my results, and most importantly, I had FUN with my teammates and training partners. 

The next day, we all did a photo shoot with the incredible Jason Hayes of Hayes Photography and I have to once again preach to every woman out there - YOU HAVE TO DO A SHOOT FOR YOURSELF AT LEAST ONCE! This shoot was so empowering, and left me feeling like the Queen B herself - Beyonce! I had my makeup done by the incredibly talented Mayra Fuentes, and I honestly felt amazing. And of course, I have to give a MAJOR shoutout to the reason I am able to train as hard as I do and diet the way that I do for show prep - Ms Carla Sanchez of Performance Ready Fitness Studio

ANYHOW - if you have made it this far - thank you for sticking it out. I have been quite the busy bee, and still have many 2016 sessions to share with you, not to mention the amazing sessions I have started out with in 2017!