{personal} Shop Small

I am a huge proponent for shop small, shop local. I have traveled some periodically for work, and every time I go somewhere, I have to bring back an article of clothing from a boutique store unique to that area. I just really love supporting small businesses. I mean, don't get me wrong, I certainly shop at big box stores too. But there is something so intimate about shopping small. I like knowing that I am helping someone live out their dream and be successful. 

Well when my dear friend Coryn Nelson of Nel & Witt Co started an online children's boutique I just knew I was going to LOVE it. Coryn has impeccable style. Her home is seriously the most beautiful home I have ever seen and her family is always dressed in fashion. 

This summer boho romper in poppy pink caught my eye and I knew I had to have it for my little girl. It's the perfect, light weight summer staple, and of course it's adorable! I have another piece that I am saving to photograph this summer - so stay tuned to see that!

Thanks to Evelyn for being my little model (she really had no choice) and to Nel & Witt Co for sharing your fashion sense with people like me!