Pine Colorado Private Residence Wedding {Tim + Katri}

Wanderlust: noun. strong desire for, or impulse to, wander or travel and explore the world.

Tim and Katri are the definition of wanderlust. They live for the outdoors. You will often find them backpacking, camping, rock climbing or ice climbing throughout the year with their adorable pup Ueli in tow. But one thing they live for more than the outdoors is their family, and the friends that are like family to them. 

So it was no surprise when Tim and Katri chose to get married in the backyard of her parents home. Home, a place of warmth and comfort and familiarity. And outside, where their hearts desire to be always.

Tim and Katri, I wish you all the happiness this life has for you. May you never grow tired of the adventures, and may you always find comfort in each others arms. 

A special thank you to Payton of Paytonbphoto for her assistance on this day!