Falls Lake North Carolina Family Session - The Fisher Family

The Fisher fam is not new around here. But it has been quite some time. The last time I photographed this little family was in 2014 on the shores of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and they were only a family of three!

Well now they are a family of four, and on my most recent visit we decided to spend an afternoon at Falls Lake to enjoy the woods, the water, and the most beautiful sunset. 

Denver New Life Session {The Braun Family}

She just could not wait a day longer. This little peanut decided for herself that at 35 weeks, she was ready. Ready to meet her amazing parents and her adorable fur-sister. Ready to win the heart of anyone who meets her. And ultimately, ready for her closeup. 

This little lady really did not want to miss her session. For the first 90 minutes, she was wide awake - more than she had ever been in the short 14 days of her young life thus far. But eventually, it was just too much and she caved into a deep, peaceful sleep, allowing us to really nail this session. 

Congratulations Braun Family on your baby girl. She is precious and I look forward to watching you all grow on this journey as a family of three!

{personal} Film Photography

I have a couple Pentax K1000 camera bodies and lenses my aunt gave me. The school she teaches at used them as decor and at the end of the school year they were just going to throw them away. She saved them, and rightfully so as the Pentax K1000 is a hoss. Purely manual with a metal body, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the functionality of the camera. It would have been sad to see them end their life in the landfill.

So a few years back when she gave them to me, I invested in some film and set out to practice film in my husbands home town of Lamar.  However, being that I had started my career with digital, it was really hard for me to shoot film. You see, with digital, the safety net of being able to look at the image on screen and compensate your settings for any exposure errors correlates to me shooting at will - no holds. Well with film, that isn't there. So I found myself timid. Afraid to take a bad shot because I was limited to only 36 frames to begin with and I had no way to see if my settings were correct for the shot because the light meter wasn't real trustworthy.... Needless to say, that roll sat in that camera for many months until it was eventually forgotten about.

About a year or so passed and I had forgotten about film. That is, until a friend of mine posted some photos from a roadtrip she had taken. I am already quite infatuated with her photography, but these images were some of my favorite. Come to find out - they were all taken on film. I reached out to her to ask what camera body she used, what film, and what she thought about it overall. In an effort to give film another shot, I rented a Canon Elan IIE film body from a local camera store, bought another roll of film, and set out again. I thought that maybe with a more sophisticated camera (sorry Penny, you were just too manual for me right now) I might be able to get more out of my film experience. So I took it with me to Vail, and used the whole roll on a hike with my family. Out of the 36 frames, I think I got about 5 that I loved. Not great....but also not bad! But because I had only rented that camera, I shelved film photography yet again.

Well fast forward another year (to now) and I received an email from Mastin Labs about film photography. In this email, Kirk Mastin explains he was going to be holding free weekly lessons regarding film photography. So, I dig up the old messages from my friend and per her advice I go for it; I drop a whopping $30 on  Ebay for a Canon Rebel 2000 and another $12 on some Kodak Ektar 100 film.  

First lesson was to shoot a whole roll of film - preferably in one sitting. My anxiety kind of kicked in just thinking about having to shoot a whole roll of film at once and not being able to see if they were going to be good - especially since it was for a lesson. But once I started shooting, my anxiety turned to excitement. Not knowing if a frame was going to be perfect was oddly liberating. (Maybe it was because my subject was extra adorable, I knew that even an imperfect photo would still be perfect!)

Every film session has yielded better results thus far and I am really excited to see what the next roll holds! 

Pentax K1000 / Denver Pro Photo scans / 2014

Canon Elan IIE / Denver Pro Photo scan / 2016

Canon Rebel 2000 / Kodak Ektar 100 / The Find Lab scans / 2017

New Life Milestone Sessions {The Sadler Family}

The Sadlers have been clients of mine since sweet big brother Kai was baking in the oven. For Kai, we did a whole first year program, with sessions at each milestone until his first birthday! So, when Amy found out she was expecting again, she signed up right away for her second little guy to have his first year milestone sessions too! We started with a beautiful maternity session at The Hive on 16th. I was so in love with the gorgeous lace gown Amy ordered from Sew Trendy Accessories and the simple backdrop of the studio let Amy shine through!

Tristan was born 27 April 2016. I was so happy to meet and snuggle him shortly after and wasn't surprised at all to see he looked exactly like his big brother. Amy and Matt sure do make cute baby boys!

Our second session was right around 4 months and full of more big blue eyes and some smiles and giggles. This little guy though was definitely teething and was so wiped at the end of the session he fell asleep mid-pose! 

We met again just before Christmas with a sitting up session. And I must say - he pretty much rocked it! He and Kai looked so adorable in their matching sweaters, and I just loved his solo session with the tie. So many smiles and those big blue eyes are enough to melt your heart!

Our final session was a special one. The Sadler family moved to a beautiful home in the Vail Valley not too long ago. And so to celebrate Tristan turning one, and their new adventures living in the mountains, we had his final one year session at home. 

Thank you Amy, Matt, Kai and Tristan for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to watch you grow! 

Winter Family Session at Daniels Park in Castle Pines

This little family is another one near and dear to my heart. DJ and I went to the same school (apparently) but it wasn't until we both started working in the real world that we met as interns. After moving down unda' for a short while, DJ and Sarah made their way back to Colorado, and right back into my work family. You see, we were a tight group. We are all about the same age, married to our awesome spouses and we all got along like brothers and sisters. It was seriously the best. 

Last year, we all had our first baby - all within 6 months of each other. (Our boss had never been SO happy. She had been begging us for years to have babies....and here they were!) Sweet James is the youngest of the baby bunch, and the only boy! He is such a happy little dude, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching DJ and Sarah grow into their roles as mom and dad. 

Oh and breaking news - Baby Ashurst #2 is due this year!!!!