The Ridge at Castle Pines Colorado Wedding {Mike + Sarah}

Where oh where to begin. I have known Mr. Mike for many years now; first as a training partner, then TRX trainer, and then Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST) extraordinaire. He has always been in incredible physical fitness - and while I won't reveal his age, let's just say we have to do A LOT of birthday burpees every year. ;) 

Mike practically lives on the golf course. And he finally met and ultimately fell in love with a woman that lives for golf like he does. Sarah is just the sweetest. She has a larger than life smile, and has a cheerful, infectious laugh. I absolutely adore the way she loves him - it makes my heart so happy! 

It really is no surprise that these two chose to tie the knot at The Ridge at Castle Pines - their favorite course. Their day was complete with a round of 18, a beautiful ceremony that was forced inside due to weather,  a rocking cocktail hour on the patio as the sun shone bright after the storm, a delicious dinner, and a night full of conversation and fun among family and friends. 

Thank you Mike and Sarah for allowing me the pleasure to capture your special moment. Here's to the best years ahead!

Downtown Denver Union Station Engagement Session {Josh + Whitney}

When it comes to planning a wedding, I think most brides would agree that the planning stress stems from the hundreds of decisions you have to make from the millions of options to choose from. Hands down. Thankfully, Whitney and Josh are really good at making decisions. Thorough, yet quick and very little waffling. After our initial consultation, I knew these two were going to be a lot of fun to work with. Easy-going, excited about their wedding day, but all stress-free. My kind of people. 

For their engagement session, we decided to begin at the beautiful Union Station, cross the Millennium pedestrian bridge, and finish at Confluence Park in downtown Denver. It was a beautiful day, and I had an absolute blast with these two!

Check back to see their perfect October wedding featured on the blog soon!

San Francisco Yacht Wedding {Mike + Danielle}

WARNING: This post might be longer than normal! But it's a beauty so enjoy!

I have known Danielle for approximately 3(ish) years. We get our sweat on together at the same gym (shout out to Carla Sanchez at Performance Ready Fitness Studio). Danielle is a lawyer, with a bright personality, an infectious laugh, and a heart of pure gold. When I first met Mr. Mike, I could not have imagined a more soft-spoken, gentle, teddy bear of a man. Danielle tells me he is her old soul - really a 70 year old man shoved inside a young mans body. Always willing to do a million things for everyone else, and only one for himself last, he is the perfect compliment for Danielle.

Mike and Danielle first approached me about documenting their wedding day asking if I would be willing to travel to San Francisco for them. Ummmm.....NO QUESTION! We met over coffee and they hired me under one condition - I had to keep everything a secret. Oy. Mike and Danielle chose to keep the logistics of their wedding a secret. All their friends and family knew is they had to get to San Francisco, and be ready to "go" at a specific time, but all the details were left under wraps. (SO FUN!)

So in May of 2016, I ventured out to beautiful San Francisco - my favorite city by the bay - and with Jiyeon of The Allens Photography by my side, documented the special joining of Mike, Danielle, and sweet B. :) It was every bit intimate and unique as they dreamed it to be! 

Mike and Danielle surprised their guests with a private trolley ride around the city before heading to the wedding and surprise number 2!

Surprise 2 was that Mike and Danielle would be getting married on a private yacht in the middle of the bay!! After we got everyone loaded on, we snuck Danielle down the ramp and onto the bottom of the yacht. And as we were cruising out to sea,  it was the perfect time to capture some of my favorite bridal portraits to date!

Not too many people can say they attended a wedding and a SF Giants game at the same time! (And ironically, the Giants were playing the hometown team, The Rockies!!)

A special thank you to Commodore Events for being such amazing hosts. The crew we had was exceptional! And also a major shout out to Christina of Detailed Elegance Event Planning and Design. She not only planned this beautiful destination wedding from Colorado, but she also orchestrated the Colorado reception Mike and Danielle had back home at Crooked Willow Farms a few weeks later! Who wouldn't love to get all dressed up again and party some more?!

Congratulations Mike, Danielle, and sweet B! I love you all so very much, and wish you nothing but the best! 


Ya-Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding - Kristin + Kolten

"We're not very good at this...we don't do" Clearly, it doesn't take much to notice how beautifully in love these two are. They may not get in front of a camera often, but the flame between them brought some major heat frame after frame even in the cool, damp October weather. 

Thank you Kristin and Kolten for sharing your wedding day with me. It was a true honor. Your wedding day could not have been any more perfect for the two of you! All my best to you both! Xo | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding
Tea-23.jpg | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding | Ya Ya Farm and Orchard Wedding